Scott Perry could get the contract extended for another year

Scott Perry could have an extension in the coming calendar year.

Rose, who gained his stature in NBA circles as a player agent for CAA, was busy stopping the coronavirus. The New Jersey native has hired three new faces for the Knicks’ front office, including two hiring scouts last week.

It is difficult for fans to disentangle Scott Perry’s influence on transactions made during the Steve Mills era.

Perry joined the Knicks organization with a thriving reputation from a short time with the Sacramento Kings. However, his previous work in Orlando is marked by ups (Victor Oladipo) and lows (Elfrid Payton, Mario Hezonja). Of course, as in New York, Perry’s role in decision making in Orlando was part of a larger group led by general manager Rob Hennigan.

The blame for Knicks’ recent scouting errors on players like Dennis Smith Jr. was blamed on Perry’s replacements, rather than the general manager himself, as explained by the New York Post:

“Zanin basically takes over from Ellis. Steve Mills was fired for Kristaps Porzingis bankruptcy due to the hat space never used on a stellar player. Sources indicated that Ellis pushed for disappointing Dennis Smith Jr. to join the deal. “

Rose is probably taking the right approach in maintaining some continuity of thought within her first front office. It remains to be seen whether Perrin and Zanin’s additions help Perry make better decisions. But if the results look good after this season, perhaps the best choice will be to keep the group united.