RUMOR: Knicks trade interest in super star revealed

As retirement approaches, James Harden is still a member of the Philadelphia 76ers. As the Sixers trade to find the right trade partner for Harden, interest from the New York Knicks has been revealed.

New York talked to the Sixers early in training camp about a potential trade for Harden. However, the Knicks aren’t very motivated to get a deal done on a one-year rental, via Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

The Los Angeles Clippers are still very much in the Harden sweepstakes. In fact, they may be the only team involved. However, at the moment they are not willing to bet against themselves and their proposal Harden, via Wojnarowski.

New York would give the Sixers another trade partner to deal with against the Clippers. If the Knicks were involved, a team would ultimately have to raise their asking price to land Harden. But with the Knicks now seemingly out of the running, the Sixers have seen their options handcuffed.