Reggie Bullock should not be included in any trade

The New York Knicks are concentrated and projected to the next draft. New York studies the moves and the various trades to improve the team.

Among the players who could be included in some trade there is that of Reggie Bullock who, however, is actually considered “untouchable” in trade talks.

The Knicks have to exercise his team option for next season, which seems likely they will. Secondly, he has to prove that he is able to recover from an incredibly difficult year when he suffered a personal tragedy while he was reshaping from a neck injury.

But if Reggie Bullock gets back in shape, earning only $ 4.2 million next season, he is a veteran player who can help the Knicks both on the pitch and in the locker room. If the Knicks were to swap it, it would have to be a deadline deal, like, literally, at the end of next season, if they can score a return for Marcus Morris by sending him to a contending team.

Before next year’s deadline, he should be relatively safe from trade talks. If the Knicks launch a stellar player deal, they will likely use a pack of young players, plans of choice and, ideally, salaried players later on, like Julius Randle to make the deal work. A third team would probably need to be involved. Of course, if the Knicks are careful with the expense of their cap, they could simply acquire a player in their space.

Reggie Bullock, however, could be an excellent option already within the Knicks.