Raymond Felton on Mike Woodson at the Knicks: “He should still be the coach”

Former Knicks guard Raymond Felton joined Knicks Fan TV recently and spoke on several topics, including two coaches who are expected to interview New York during his coaching quest.

Here’s Felton on Mike Woodson, who coached the point guard and the Knicks to 54 wins and one win in the playoff series in 2012-13:

“I love him to death, I think he should still be the coach,” Felton said on the show, co-hosted by Knicks Fan TV’s CP and J. Ellis of The Knick of Time Show. “He’s like a coach, a father figure, all of the above for me.”

Reflecting on playing for Woodson from 2012 to 2014, Felton said: “The coaching staff was fantastic. Woody was exceptional. He was a coach who understood. He gave us freedom but at the same time he let us know who was in charge There were times when we had battles, sometimes we had our disagreements as players and coaches, but at the end of the day, we respected each other. And I think a lot of that is missing nowadays where sometimes these young kids don’t respect their coaches and it’s not a good thing.

“I miss those days when a coach would have caught you and you would have caught him,” added Felton. “… This is how it should be. And every player should take it and know it comes from a good place. It doesn’t come from, ‘I’m trying to disrespect you, I’m trying to embarrass you.’ It comes from” I’m trying to get the best from you. “