Randle is stuck becoming an outside shooter

Randle likes how his understanding of the game has grown. He received harsh criticism after the Atlanta Hawks took him out of his comfort zone in the 2021 Eastern Conference first-round series, taking away his left hand and forcing him to make reckless shots.

That became a thing of the past, and Randle’s leap into three-point shooting helped him expand his offense. While defenders now have to line him up tight beyond the arc, there’s more Randle can do to become a true sharpshooter.

His 8.3 attempts from center were the best among any forward or center a year ago. He got 34.3% of those looks right. Four out of five power forwards who took five or more threes shot better than him.

The Knicks as a team need a lot of improvement in both the three-point (No. 19 overall) and free throw category (No. 22 overall), and seeing their leader use his intensity to create more looks and cashing in will definitely be a success. up to his teammates. Coach “Thibs” creating an easier look on the drawing board for Randle could put the star forward in contention for a league MVP, an award that hasn’t been hoisted at MSG since Willis’ historic run Reed in 1970.