Porzingis: Now I really feel like playing basketball

Credits: Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Former Knicks Porzingis has expressed disappointment over the direction of the Knicks and was removed by then President Steve Mills and GM Scott Perry in an unfortunate attempt to free up enough space to pursue free agents, such as current Nets Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving .

Of course, the Knicks failed to achieve any of their goals last summer.

Instead, the season of Prozingis has been better than the Knicks:

“I was really getting into a good rhythm,” said Porzingis. “I think it took me a few months to adapt to many things. Not only does he return from an injury, but he gets used to a new organization, a new coach, a new system, playing alongside a guy like Luka. All of these things played a role.

“I felt like I was playing basketball really well. But there will always be ups and downs. The main thing is that I have a clear mind on what I want to achieve and move forward in that direction and continue to grow as a player. “