Players to bet on: Kevin Love and Andre Drummond

Credits: Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Among the possible future trades of the Knicks there is also the one with the Cavaliers for Kevin Love and Andre Drummond.
Two heavy contracts for a complete restyling under the basket: Love and Drummond would be a big shake on the Knicks roster. Would they actually make him stronger and more successful? Well, the yield is to be verified.

But the Knicks, to get Love and Drummond, will have to make sacrifices. Randle, Ntilikina, Portis, Gibson, Ellington and a first choice at Draft 2021 via Dallas.

In fact, heavy contracts are needed to equalize the two heavy contracts, which the Cavaliers would do without even to not fill their cap too long. However, the most important thing is missing: in Cleveland they go hunting for choices.