Perrin adds credibility to the New York Knicks

The 2019-20 season ends, as is now tradition, with the Knicks who will not have been able to make the playoffs for the seventh consecutive season. (It is possible that the NBA will adopt a play-in tournament that would technically put them into a post-season tournament.)

After the Knicks gained their reputation in the 1990s as a tough team that has never been easy in the playoffs, whether they have faced Heat, Pacer or Jordan’s Bulls, the last two decades have turned the franchise into a laugh.

With the arrival of the former super agent Leon Rose, the hiring of the hat specialist Brock Aller and the addition of Walt Perrin, the Knicks are starting to put together a front office with great respect among NBA managers and players.

Perrin offers immediate credibility to the Knicks. Fans worried that Scott Perry is being held back by the Steve Mills era don’t have to worry. Rose is making it clear that he is ready to bring together the best team of talent to build the Knicks roster.