Patrick Williams could be the Knicks’ added talent

The New York Knicks just need talent, especially as it is not yet clear what RJ Barrett’s trajectory will be. And there are scouts who believe Patrick Williams has an edge that has been masked by a limited role in the state of Florida.

The youngest potential NCAA candidate in the draft, he is number 8 on our scoreboard with a unique skill versatility for a 19-year-old 6’8 “, 225 lbs. Buying for Williams means buying flash, as he averages just 9.2. points per game. But given his age and reputation, there is optimism that he is the type of player who will maximize his potential, who is powered by powerful athleticism, outside touch, subtle footwork for creating shots , live dribble passing ability and defensive direction.

He shot 41.9% on pull-ups and generated 0.96 points per possession as a pick-and-roll ball manager (90th percentile).

The Knicks are not going anywhere anytime soon and are just putting the emphasis on player development, particularly with the hiring of assistant Johnnie Bryant. At number 8, when there are no obvious stars on the scoreboard, the reward could be worth the risk in picking Williams if the other New York targets aren’t available.