Patrick Ewing talks about his battle against Covid-19

Patrick Ewing, the former Knicks star and current Georgetown manager, was one of the many big names to have contracted the novel coronavirus.

Not only did he have symptoms of the virus, but he also suffered from a blood clot in May.

“It was difficult,” he told CNN. “In the hospital for five days. Temperature. Muscle aches. I had a blood clot. It not only affects you physically, but mentally as well. “

Ewing is now better, has no symptoms and said he feels fine. But it was a scary time for the 58-year-old Hall of Fame player.

“You have to do the best job you can to stay safe and if you get it, do the best job you can to keep it from spreading. This was one of the things, once I found out, I self-quarantined myself. Once I couldn’t take it anymore, I went to the hospital.

“The nurses and doctors at Georgetown University Hospital did an outstanding job of making sure I was safe and able to get through it”.