NYK Rumors: Austin Rivers can give depth to the Knicks

Austin Rivers is a player who should enter the open market.

The newly completed 28-year-old guard will only have $ 2.4 million from Houston next season. As a player with nine years of experience, this is roughly the minimum wage amount.

Rivers proved to be a valuable player off the bench for manager Mike D’Antoni. In 63 games (59 from the bench), he scored an average of 8.4 points of respect, shooting 42.2% from the ground, of which 35.7% from the center. His perimeter shot is reinforced by greater accuracy from the corner three.

Former Knick’s son Doc Rivers could be a good adaptation off the bench as an added scorer, especially if the team passes by Dennis Smith Jr.

New York could be in dire need of perimeter shots in the backcourt if they ended up selecting LaMelo Ball in the next draft. With Ball, Barrett, and Ntilikina, they wouldn’t have an attractive guard option that can sit in a corner and take down a three.

Rivers doesn’t solve the Knicks’ point guard problems, but it does give them depth behind anyone they identify in the draft or the free will to take over the ball management duties in the lead.