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NYK, DeRozan could give the Knicks the right push

DeRozan has often been linked to the Knicks and there are so many reasons to be excited.

DeRozan, 31, is also several years younger than a player like Paul, another player linked to the Knicks. This would allow it to be more than a single seasonal push.

After seeing their 23-year post-season streak ending dramatically in 2020, it looks like Spurs are due for a rebuild. According to reports, the trading concept for DeRozan appears to be more than a pipe dream. By all accounts, it is available for the right offer.

Considering the Thunder’s high asking price, it’s also likely that the Spurs star could be bought for a comparably lower price. DeRozan has a player option which, if turned down, could make him a free agent this offseason. If collected, it could be imagined that Spurs would be open to swapping him for future assets before his deal expires after the 2021 season.

OKC requires more core resources. Talks with San Antonio would start with just one.