Not only Miami, the Knicks also focus on Gallinari

12 years have passed since Danilo Gallinari took his first steps in the NBA, but for him there could be a return to the past in horoscope. According to SNY journalist Ian Bagley, the New York Knicks in free agency will look for a long shot that can pull from outside, and Danilo Gallinari is a name to be taken into consideration to occupy that role, unlike Davis Bertans who seems destined to stay in Washington.

Obviously, being a free agent, will be him who decides where to play next year, and the interest of the Miami Heat who would have liked him before the market deadline has been strong on him for some time. But the new Knicks led by Leon Rose and looking for a coach (with Tom Thibodeau candidate number 1 on the bench) could represent an attractive option, both for the target market and for the relationship that has always remained optimal with the fans, who took badly his farewell in 2011 to get to Carmelo Anthony.

Moreover, it is not even excluded from Bagley that the Knicks can think again of Anthony, with New York who has already thought of bringing him home last summer to also attract Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to Madison Square Garden. There is still a season to finish with the Oklahoma City Thunder shirt and a lot of time is missing at the start of the free agency set for October 18, but the interest in Gallinari is only destined to grow.