New York Knicks, there is a need to improve in Free Throw Shooting

The New York Knicks are leaving too many points on the board. So far in 2019-2020, the Knicks have ranked 11th in the NBA in free throw attempts per game and have died last in the percentage of free throws.

Even more devastating than that unfortunate truth is that the Knicks fired only 69.4 percent from the charity streak, an incredibly small number.

New York was the only NBA team to shoot below 70 percent at the time of the postponement of the season. He lost an average of 7.2 free throws per game, which means he lost up to seven points per game in uncontested shots.

No team will shoot 100% off the free throw line, but the Knicks must be able to convert their chances if they want to play winning basketball.

With a young list built around a piercing guard and a big man picking up, travel to the line should be abundant. Troubling a team never hurts, but being able to convert those attempts into a respectable clip would create a whole new level of pressure on the opposition.

It may not solve everything wrong with the Knicks, but becoming an average team on the free throw line would make the game significantly easier for the promising players.