New York Knicks super fan Stephen A. Smith turns ruthless after the team’s Game 4 loss

It’s not wrong to say that Stephen A. Smith is the perfect barometer to gauge how the New York Knicks fan base feels about the team’s performance.

The popular sports broadcaster has been in a generally happy mood throughout the 2023-24 season as his Knicks have played exciting basketball the entire season. He was elated when his Knicks defeated the Philadelphia 76ers in the first round, although he didn’t hesitate to publicly bash the team whenever it misbehaved.

It would be fair to assume that Smith was emotional when the Knicks won their first two games against the Indiana Pacers. While they are one of the most exciting teams to watch this season, they don’t have as much hype around them compared to the Sixers and Boston Celtics. It should have been an easy series for his Knicks.

However, they now find themselves in dangerous waters as the Pacers have suddenly evened the series with back-to-back wins on their home court. Game 4 was particularly embarrassing as the Pacers manhandled their opponents.

Smith was understandably upset by the whole situation, so he decided to go on a tirade by taking shots at every member of the Knicks roster.

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