New York Knicks president Leon Rose may attract Phoenix Suns Star

The NBA is full of surprises for the unpredictability of when a deal with a superstar would arrive. Leon Rose is said to lure Phoenix Suns Star’s Devin Bookers to the New York Knicks.

With the Knicks’ new lead role under Rose, speculation has surfaced that the Phoenix Suns All-Star is a possible option they might consider.

For Fadeaway World, Rose’s connection with Booker as a former player agent could play a role in attracting the 23-year-old to New York. Speculation has been immense since Rose took the position with sources indicating that Booker is a hot target.

The Phoenix Suns have benefited from Booker over the past five seasons. Just in his early years in the league, Booker proved to be an elite scorer. The young guard outside the University of Kentucky basketball program was phenomenal for the suns. This was highlighted with his historic 70 point outburst against the Boston Celtics in 2017.

For the Knicks, Booker’s natural scoring ability can help artists such as RJ Barrett play at a higher level in the guard position. Years have passed since the Knicks had an offensive superstar threat, given that Carmelo Anthony was the last prominent icon to represent New York. This new spark in the backcourt can help the Knicks recover and recover a post-season spot.

Regardless of whether the Knicks act on this possibility, it would be interesting to see how they progress and collect more resources for the future.