New York Knicks’ Mikal Bridges reacts to tampering allegations

The New York Knicks may have finally found the missing piece to their title run in 2024-25 with the acquisition of Mikal Bridges from the Brooklyn Nets.

The guard was phenomenal for the Nets last season, but everyone understood he wasn’t a good fit for the team and a trade was inevitable. They found the perfect team to send him to as he was the centerpiece of a bizarre trade between two rival teams.

Not only was the trade interesting for the two teams involved in the transaction, but also for the fact that many of the players now building the Knicks’ core spent time at Villanova. The observation is so apt that jokes about the Villanova Knicks are already making the rounds on social media.

Because of this connection, people accuse the players of committing tampering to join Madison Square Garden. While the allegations are most likely false, the man at the center of it all has given a clear answer to all doubters.

Bridges took to social media to address rumors that his teammates team-tampered to get him to the blue side of New York. His response was in rather rough language, but he probably needed it to get his point across:

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