New York Knicks’ Josh Hart talks about the team’s recent slide

Josh Hart, who started the season off New York’s bench as a do-it-all forward, is now the starting small forward. He’s also the backup shooting guard and backup forward on some nights depending on what Tom Thibodeau needs.

But things are starting to take a toll on him and his teammates. After Thursday’s loss to the Golden State Warriors, Hart addressed the team’s recent skid, as New York has lost seven of its last nine games.

“I’m not sure what you expect or what you think. We’re playing the best we can with the bodies we have. We have guys like [OG Anunoby], [Julius Randle], [Mitchell Robinson], who have been out for a long time. … We’re working our ass off. It’s not like we’re just sitting there crying about injuries and lying around,” said a frustrated and tired Hart.

No one will ever question the heart and grit of this Knicks team. No matter the odds against them, they will go out and compete every night even when they are at a distinct disadvantage talent-wise.

But the injuries have definitely started to take their toll. This has resulted in heavy workloads that the players are not used to and their performances on the pitch are starting to show it. Hart is one of the guys called into action and is doing his best to keep the team in the game.