New York Knicks: Chris Paul for next season

The New York Knicks have not conquered the playoffs since 2013. This season will be remembered not only for the coronavirus, but for yet another failure of the New York franchise. For several seasons, New York has been experiencing seasons of ‘permanent reconstruction’ that seems to never end. Leon Rose asked the fans to continue to be patient, promising a bright future for the team, guaranteeing the first seven choices that New York can count on in the next four years and a wide margin in terms of wage flexibility.

Knicks chasing a leader

It’s not enough what Leon Rose promised to Knicks’ fans. The franchise wants do more. The Knicks really want to focus on a leader of the team, a player who can be able to increase the value of players like RJ Barrett and Kevin Knox. For this reason, the first name for the Knicks is that of Chris Paul. Before the stop of the season, because of the coronavirus, Chris Paul was playing a great season with the Oklahoma City Thunder. His move from Houston revitalized him. Paul led the team to the fifth place in the Western Conference. Rose already said he will do anything to take Chris Paul. We will see, especially the fans of New York Knicks who would like to return to live exciting seasons.