New York Knicks are interested in DeMar DeRozan as a potential offseason acquisition

While New York is preparing for his first offseason under President Leon Rose team, it seems to have already a free agent in the financial potential viewfinder.

The Knicks have a young core that is currently built around the RJ Barrett shooting guard and Mitchell Robinson center. They also have multiple choices for first round drafts in 2020 and plenty of space for short and long term caps.

According to Yahoo Sports’ Chris Chrisnes, the Knicks should be interested in speeding up the rebuilding by signing the potential free agent DeMar DeRozan this summer.

DeRozan declining his option would not have closed the door on him signing with the Spurs again, sources said, but would certainly pave the way for a team like the New York Knicks, who should be interested.

It remains possible that DeRozan could accept his player’s option or sign up again with the Spurs, but the opportunity to sign an All-Star could arise in New York.