NBA, Windhorst: “There is pessimism about ending the season”

Creidts: Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Pessimism about the real possibilities of ending the 2019/20 season is growing among NBA experts. As reported by Brian Windhorst of ESPN, the past week has generated many perplexities about the many obstacles that the NBA should accommodate to at least partially revive its season, “There was more optimism in the past few days, today some things have happened that they created pessimism”.

Windhorst refers to the decision of the Chinese authorities to postpone the resumption of the sports championships, more than 3 months after the first recorded cases of covid-19 in the country, and the recent new squeeze on containment measures for the first signs of a “Second wave” of contagions, not excluded a priori by scientists around the world in the coming months. One of the most important questions remains the possibility of subjecting players to fast and safe tests, should they start playing again, with diagnostic tools that are still not widespread or certified by the health authorities today.

“The option to cancel the season completely exists,” confirms Windhorst “Negotiations are going on and there are many options, including this one, but I can say that we have not yet reached the point of planning a restart scenario. Today we talk about the financial implications in case of cancellation, and I think pessimism prevails right now“.