NBA Rumors: How Knicks OG Anunoby’s ‘Prioritization’ Impacts Julius Randle Trade Talks

The New York Knicks have some crucial decisions to make regarding OG Anunoby and Julius Randle this offseason, and how they handle Anunoby could have a very positive impact on what they decide to do with Randle.

The Knicks are prioritizing Anunoby over Randle and may even consider trading Randle if it means they can keep the versatile forward, via Brett Sigel of ClutchPoints.

Anunoby has a $19.9 million player option with New York for next season, but the general consensus is that he will opt out of his deal and become a free agent. He’ll certainly have his fair share of potential suitors this summer, but the Knicks appear motivated to keep him.

New York is particularly concerned about the Philadelphia 76ers making a push for him. That would further spur the Knicks to retain him , as sources say New York definitely doesn’t want Anunoby going to its division rivals, Sigel notes.

Anunoby is expected to get a max deal.

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