NBA Draft: James Wiseman Has The Tools To Become A Star

We don’t know when the Draft will be there, but the Knicks work to identify those players who can be useful now and become stars in the future. Surely James Wiseman has the tools to become a star.

Wiseman is at 7’1 ″ with a wingspan of 7’5 ″, which sets the stage for his potential success. He is a fluid athlete who runs well on the floor, can play over the edge and moves with agility from the high screens in dives to the basket.

This also allows Wiseman to switch from pick and roll, thus allowing him to gather the perimeter players and interrupt the passage lanes.

Offensively, Wiseman is an impressive finisher around the edge who has shown his ability to play with his back to the basket.

It’s a difficult choice, but the Knicks have to take it seriously.