NBA agent reveals how much money OG Anunoby could cost

One of the most intriguing free agents that people will be keeping an eye on during the 2024 NBA offseason is New York Knicks forward OG Anunoby. New York will certainly be motivated to retain him long-term as they traded away some key assets to acquire him from the Toronto Raptors earlier this season.

The Knicks sent RJ Barrett, Immanuel Quickley and a second-round pick via the Detroit Pistons to Toronto. This isn’t the kind of package a team gives up in a trade for a rental; it’s clear they want to keep Anunoby in New York for the long term.

But it won’t be cheap to retain him. There were rumors that he might get a discount to stay with the Knicks, but it’s hard to imagine that the first time a player enters free agency he won’t try to get his full value.

What could this full value be? Tim Cato, a staff writer for The Athletic, was answering questions about X. One of the questions asked was what Anunoby’s next contract might look like, given the injury concerns it carries. Even with those concerns, Anunoby’s minimum figure, according to an agent Cato spoke with, is $37.5 million a year.