Mikal Bridges: “I thought I was gonna get drafted by the Knicks”

In an interview with The Pivot podcast, the Brooklyn Nets wing Mikal Bridges said he was thrilled that the trade gave him a chance to play in the New York City spotlight.

“Me, I always love New York,” Bridges said. “So when even when the whole situation happened in the summer when KD asked for a trade he wanted to come here. Me and Cam Johnson knew like ‘Well, obviously we’re going to be a part of that. Like we just knew KD wants to come here. We’re gonna so just make jokes like, ‘Oh, we’re going to Brooklyn’ but like, I love New York. I thought I was gonna get drafted No. 9 by the Knicks and I was prepared to not live in the city but I was prepared to be in the city. I was very excited about living in New York.”