Michael Jordan called ‘Mecca’ the Madison Square Garden

In the last few episodes of The Last Dance, Michael Jordan has often mentioned that Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, New York is his favorite arena. He called it the Mecca of basketball. Well, during his time with the Bulls they formed a good rivalry with the team playing there, the New York Knicks.

The Bulls and the Knicks played in the playoffs a total of seven times. One arrived in the early 1980s before Jordan arrived, but the rest was from 1989-96. The Bulls are always 6-1 against the Knicks in their playoff stories.

The only time the Knicks defeated the Chicago Bulls in the playoffs was in 1994. That season was when Jordan was absent from playing baseball. They have never beaten the bulls in a series in which both teams were at full strength. It was clearly a team that was starting to form a serious rivalry with the Bulls but was never able to overcome them.