Mark Jackson reaction to Tom Thibodeau’s hiring of Knicks

Mark Jackson played six full seasons (plus part of the 2000-01 campaign) with the organization and represented the Knicks in the 1989 NBA All-Star Game.

Although he was said to be a candidate to become the franchise’s next coach, Tom Thibodeau got the job.

“He will establish a culture of hard work (and discipline). Great hire for the Knicks,” Jackson said on ESPN’s “First Take” show Thursday morning. “I wish them nothing but the best.”

Stephen A. Smith then asked the current NBA TV analyst for his thoughts on how to potentially get another NBA coaching job in the future.

“The training of the Golden State Warriors for three years – has had the time of my life,” said Jackson. “Relationships that will last a lifetime. (We) have changed things and have had enormous success. I look forward to the next opportunity to still be a coach in this championship.

“I’m really excited about the opportunity to have the chance to drive another franchise – either turn things around or keep (things) on the same track and give us a chance to win everything.

“I can’t wait for that day to come. But I’m not a boy who will go crazy waiting for an opportunity.”