Magic Johnson never attempted to go to the Knicks

An old report stating that the Lakers legend, Magic Johnson, required a trade with the New York Knicks, had been questioned. Johnson’s longtime agent, Lon Rosen, reported the rumor as false, insisting that big basketball would never have thought of adapting to any team other than the Los Angeles franchise during his playing career.

“Magic did not attempt to organize a trade,” Rosen told Mike Vorkunov of The Athletic. “It didn’t happen. Something else happened, but something more than a friendship between Pat and Earvin and a driver who heard them talk. How’s it going? It never would have happened.”

“There was no talk of starting a business between Knicks and Lakers,” continued Rosen. “It was I who got involved in the middle of everything that would have happened and I know what happened. There was not anything. At the time it was an invented story. “