Leon Rose says “Nobody deserves a winner more than Knicks fans”

As a CAA top agent, Leon Rose has had several clients on the Knicks over the years. Carmelo Anthony, JR Smith, Andrea Bargnani, Eddy Curry, Rick Brunson, etc.

So he knows the recent history of Knicks and anyone else.

“Nobody deserves a winner more than Knicks fans,” said Rose during an interview on MSG Network, his first public comments since he took over as team president.

During the interview Rose was asked if she had a message for Knicks fans, who have cheered for a club with only one playoff win in the past 20 years.

“I know it was tough, but my commitment is: we will work tirelessly, we will do business, we will be cautious and we will be at stake in every aspect – the draft, exchanges, free agency. And we will build this in the right way to make you win.”

You can excuse the longtime Knicks fan for being skeptical. But Rose has the tools to put together a winning team in New York.

The club plans to have a significant roof space, starting with this offseason. They also have seven choices on the first spin in the next four projects. Because of these resources, some with the Knicks believe they are well positioned to trade with a discontented young player if one becomes available.

Rose’s next big decision will be who she hires as the next coach. Then he will move on to the draft and the free agency, where he will have the opportunity to add players and perform operations.

It will be Rose’s first offseason as team president. Before agreeing to be the president of Knicks, Rose was the CAA top agent.

He was asked how his experience as a player agent can help him in his new role.

“I think representing players for over 25 years – you learn how players think, how they feel, what’s important to them,” said Rose, who didn’t have an introductory press conference. “And I just think it will be valuable and so useful for me to be able to relate, understand and do a really good job (as team president).”

The best advice Rose has received so far?

“Be yourself and go with your instincts. And I will continue to do it and do my job,” he said.