Leon Rose admits: We are preparing a lot for the Draft

During his interview, Rose danced about some details, but stressed that the Knicks are preparing a lot for the upcoming draft, which is currently scheduled for October 16th. He hinted that perhaps part of the reason Scott Perry’s option for the next season was taken is that he worked on the preparation of the drafts, which is a “year-round” process.

The Knicks actively hold calls and Zooms with potential outbursts, and Rose, Perry and the scouts are spending a lot of time watching a “lot of movies”.

Pressed by the fact that there were specific players, or even prototypes of players he could have targeted more energetically, Rose hesitated, saying only that he appreciates things like talent, character, who a person is and how they fit on the roster. .

Although he hasn’t mentioned any names, Rose said the upcoming draft has “a couple” of amazing kids and therefore many players of similar talent who clearly aren’t on the same level as the exclusive top level.