LeBron James hopes Jason Kidd doesn’t get a job with the Knicks

Reportedly, LeBron James hopes Jason Kidd doesn’t get a great job with the Knicks.

After months of speculation that Tom Thibodeau was the clear pioneer of becoming head coach under president and friend Leon Rose, a report emerged on Friday that Jason Kidd emerged as a strong candidate after the contractual negotiations between Knicks and Thibodeau are interrupted.

Of course, this report comes less than 24 hours after multiple reports have indicated that the Knicks were not engaged in contractual negotiations with any of the 11 candidates who have been interviewed in the past few weeks.

All we know is that the team does not yet have a manager, they may have one by the end of next week, and all Thibs, the former goalkeeper of Kenny Atkinson and Kidd appear to be the main options.