LaMelo Ball prefers New York to Golden State Warriors

Credit: Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images

The 2020 NBA Draft is only a few months away and there is still no clear choice for the Golden State Warriors. Their potential main prospect, LaMelo Ball, reportedly made it clear that he and his field would prefer to land in New York.

Ian Bagley has reported that a number of lottery teams across the league have been informed of Ball’s preferences.

“While the teams do the homework on the players in the draft, there was a coherent theme on LaMelo Ball: more teams believe that Ball and those in his circle prefer that he lands in New York.”

This aligns with Balls’ father’s previous comments, stating that LaMelo is interested in being the star of a franchise, potentially excluding a backup role for Stephen Curry with the Warriors.

Although Ball told his father to “relax” on Twitter after these comments, it is possible that he is not really interested in playing for the Dub. After all, not many potential customers are thrilled with the idea of ​​being a bench player.

Ball would have played an important role with the Warriors, albeit with the second unit. The ability to learn from one of the best guards of all time is priceless, but Ball seems to prefer learning on his own.

If drafted by the Knicks, Ball would be the clear star. It would immediately become a marquee name in the largest city in the NBA. His superstar potential would be on display for a franchise that asked someone to save them.