LaMelo Ball is the most voted guard by the Knicks

Credit: Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images

The Knicks have to look for the best fit and this is a point of reference for the future because it is so difficult to connect an elite in a free agency.

It is a weak project where some believe there is not much difference between the top 12 ranked players. It is very unusual. It could also go out of necessity.

LaMelo Ball is currently the guard of the most voted point on the Knicks chessboard.

It shouldn’t be surprising, knowing that new president Leon Rose likes to shoot for the stars. Knicks officials believe the 6-foot-7 director / pilot has one of the higher sides of the whole project despite his lack of a 3-point shot. Rose has already dealt with outspoken father Lavar Ball when her children briefly joined the Creative Artists Agency.

The insiders of the league believe that Father Lavar Ball will attempt to guide him to the big Knicks market. What does this mean if the Knicks stay sixth in the draft? They probably should have swapped in the top 3 with a not so hot club on LaMelo or Lavar.