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Knicks, what’s the future of Kevin Knox?

We have no idea how Tom Thibodeau and his staff plan to use Knox this season, but it shouldn’t be hard for him to find the time to play.

If Knox has anything to do for him, it’s his sweet jump shot. Despite only taking down just under 33% of his three last season, Knox’s shooting form and off-leap shooting ability are qualities to be optimistic about.

Looking deeper into last season’s stats, you’ll find peculiar and unexplained numbers about Kevin Knox. He shot a modest 31% on three catch-and-shoots, but a whopping 43% when he pulled three-point pull-ups (three points pulled out of dribbling). How can this be explained?

Is it a question of trust? Problems with floor spacing? Probably both.

We don’t know for sure if Knox has added significantly to his game, but we’ll never find out unless he can log a few serious minutes.

With his size and length, Knox should get to the circle much more frequently. He has the ability to take hard shots and the more he drives to the edge, the more he will open up his long range shot.

In the third year, Kevin Knox will be less about projections and more about what happens on the pitch. He has a new coaching staff that includes one of his former college coaches, Kenny Payne. He has a support system in place.

Now it’s up to him to fight for a leading role and take it.