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Knicks vs GSW, the MSG reopens to New York fans

Today is a great day for New York. The MSG reopens to fans for GSW vs Knicks.

“There is no place like New York to play,” said RJ Barrett of the Knicks a few weeks ago.

“There’s no place like the Garden,” Julius Randle clarified, although to be honest, the Garden didn’t always seem to have loved it the last time anyone other than caretakers, announcers, sports reporters, and security officers was allowed. inside.

On Tuesday evening there will be another 2,000 inside. Across the East River, there will be approximately 300 allowed to enter the gates of the Barclays Center, a dry track for approximately 1,800 that will be allowed in after the All-Star break. For the Nets, Tuesday will be the first game played before actual paying customers since March 8, 2020, a 110-107 win over the Bulls; the Knicks also played that night, a 96-84 win over the Pistons.

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