Knicks veteran goes viral after shutting down Heckler

Donte DiVincenzo and the New York Knicks traveled to Chicago on Friday night to face the Bulls.

It was a frustrating game for the Knicks and in the end they were defeated, 108-100.

It was made even more frustrating due to some very chatty fans who were sitting courtside.

Beau Knows shared a video on Twitter of him berating DiVincenzo, yelling at him to put his shirt on.

This apparently got under DiVincenzo’s skin because he lashed out, turning around and yelling at the fan to “shut the fuck up.”

“I mean, it’s a rule in the NBA,” the fan responded as the game went on.

He’s technically right because players should have their shirts tucked into their shorts during games, but it’s a violation that is rarely sanctioned by referees.

This fan was obviously just trying to upset DiVincenzo and talk trash.

He certainly achieved his goal.