Knicks: Valentine is certainly an option worth pondering if it’s not too expensive

Denzel Valentine played 57 games as a beginner apprentice by veterans of Rajon Rondo, Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler. Valentine made a solid campaign for the second year, but lost the entire 2018-19 season due to a left ankle stabilization procedure.

At the start of the 2019-20 season, his manager Fred Hoiberg had long since disappeared and Jim Boylen was the full-time coach. For some strange reason, Boylen has decided not to play Valentine much. Valentine, in return, didn’t even get a brilliant endorsement for Boylen, stating: “He has been our coach all year round, so hey, whatever happens to him is what happens. But for now he is our coach. It is what it is.”

Valentine’s day like a bull is approaching its end. It was evident that the league has not clearly seen what the 6-foot-4 wing can do. In his second season, he averaged 10.2 points / game, 1.9 three / game out of 39% from three, 5.1 rebounds / game and 3.2 assists / game. Those are more than solid statistics for a role player. Valentine can clearly cement the role of a wing player who can do a little bit of everything on both ends of the floor.

At 27, Valentine is not a spring chicken. However, the Knicks can certainly benefit from surrounding the young core with players who can do the right thing when they are on the floor. Valentine is certainly an option worth pondering if it’s not too expensive.