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Knicks, Thibodeau doesn’t want to put Quickley in the starting five

(Photo by Zhong Zhi/Getty Images)

It’s been years since the New York Knicks have had a young point guard who boasts abundant talent and potential, who wows the fan base and shows the first signs of providing a long-term position answer.

But while the Knicks performed beyond expectations in the first weeks of the season under Tom Thibodeau, Immanuel Quickley caught a lot of attention for that very reason.

Quickley’s startup requests had already begun, but only escalated after his last performance.

But Thibodeau doesn’t seem to have any plans – at least anytime soon – to supplant starter Elfrid Payton with Quickley.

“We like the group he’s with right now,” Thibodeau said on Monday. “Right now we believe that the best opportunity for us to win is to do the things we are doing.”