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Knicks, Thibodeau declares that this pandemic season’s program has improved New York

Traveling during the pandemic and following all the NBA protocols seemed like a strenuous experience. And reports suggest that equipment managers and trainers are really at the end.

But the Knicks road program earlier this pandemic season was beneficial, according to Thibodeau.

The Knicks finished their four-game journey on Monday. Five of their first seven games were away games and 12 of their first 19 are far from empty Garden.

“I kind of liked our program,” Thibodeau said before facing the Hawks. “Come to think of it, we played against tough teams and spent a lot of time traveling. It was almost like going to a training camp. You try to take the positives out of this – with team meals, movie sessions. Being as close as we are has been very productive for us. We obviously prefer to be at home. It is a balanced program. At some point it will change”.