Knicks, Thibodeau can bring all his experience to New York

Tom Thibodeau is still on the Knicks list. Many believe that Leon Rose’s choice will fall on him. We don’t know how the matter will end, but certainly Thibodeau will bring great experience to the Knicks.

In fact, Thibodeau has eight years of experience in the NBA. He has been around the blockade and has been successful even then. Thibodeau is highly respected throughout the championship and when you hire him, you know what you are getting: a team with a hard nose and a defensive mentality.

Thibodeau’s hit percentage of .589 is impressive, he also has 24 wins in the playoffs. New York is a difficult place to train and I think experience is needed to manage the local media. Thibodeau was able to handle the pressure in Chicago, which is expected to help him in the media capital of the world. All in all, his success, experience and age make him a good candidate as the next coach.