Knicks, the reasons why it makes sense to keep Bojan Bogdanovic

Bojan Bogdanovic is $2 million guaranteed and will become fully guaranteed at $19 million on June 28. According to Begley, the New York Knicks’ decision on Bogdanovic is “key” if they want to make a trade.

Yossi Gozlan wrote in the same article that Bogdanovic’s salary with Randle allows them to match the salaries of “almost anyone”.

“I think it makes sense to retain him and guarantee him for next season if the Knicks believe there is a trade for an All-Star on the horizon. Combining his $19 million with Julius Randle’s $28.9 million allows them to compete with just about anyone,” Gozlan wrote. “If Bogdanovic is gone, they’ll probably have to trade Josh Hart or Mitchell Robinson, or even try to get Precious Achiuwa involved in a sign-and-trade to get enough money to send.”

It’s unclear which star will be available, but previous offseasons indicate that at least one top-tier player could become available. If they do, the Knicks are better positioned than most teams due to the amount of picks they have and Randle is an All-NBA caliber talent.

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