Knicks, the chaos of the Sixers could favor the landing of Embiid

The New York Knicks reportedly have their sights set on 2023 NBA MVP Joel Embiid, as all teams except the Nuggets should. Embiid is coming off the best season of his seven-year career that resulted in another second-round exit for the Sixers, who haven’t made the Eastern Conference Finals since 2001.

Even if the Knicks are unable to seriously pursue Joel Embiid should he request a trade, the organization would still hope things go awry with their division rival. Embiid leaving Philadelphia would be doing New York a favor regardless of the situation. It’s a plus that it could end up with the Knicks.

Daryl Morey and the Sixers would probably rather do anything short of sending Embiid to New York. A couple of years ago, Philadelphia needn’t have worried about the star center wanting to go to a team like the Knicks, but the culture has changed. New York is now a destination for star gamblers.