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Knicks, the arrival of DeRozan can clog the offense

DeRozan’s lack of three-point shooting is a considerable factor. If he were to join the Knicks, he would share the pitch with another player with no outside shooting skills in Mitchell Robinson. Having two players on the pitch without the threat of an outside shot limits the opportunities to score and clogs the paint for other players, such as RJ Barrett, who is also grappling with his perimeter game.

When you consider the potential presence of pieces like Julius Randle and Elfrid Payton entering the mix, the offense would be even more clogged.

DeRozan will also come with a big financial commitment. There is no doubt that the four-time All-Star will be looking for another major contract before its pinnacle begins to close. He has earned over $ 26 million in each of the last four seasons. It will certainly require a similar payday to hold him beyond 2021.

With the Knicks’ inability to attract major free agents over the past decade, it has turned them into a punchline, engaging with DeRozan could limit the team’s ability to prosecute future superstar free agents.