Knicks star responds to Pacers HC’s fiery comments

Indiana Pacers coach Rick Carlisle believes the NBA is granting favorable calls to the big-market New York Knicks in its second-round series.

Knicks star Josh Hart made his opinion of Carlisle’s comments clear on Friday before Game 3. Hart also delivered a brutal truth that New York fans didn’t need a reminder just to get the point across he.

“He IS so stupid, bro,” Hart began. “Are you saying the big market always wins? The Knicks haven’t won a [championship] in 51 years, so obviously this doesn’t carry much weight. I don’t fully understand it. Sorry, New York, for remembering that. It’s idiotic. In the end, it’s who plays better. I’ve never seen a referee shoot a free throw, or make a triple or miss a rotation.”

Hart was asked the question given his previous experiences in New Orleans and Portland and saw no validity in Carlisle’s argument.

The Pacers reportedly filed 78 calls and missed calls complaints with the NBA following the Game 2 loss, which seems a bit excessive.

The unfortunate reality for Indiana is that New York simply looks like the better team right now, even though they are dealing with some pretty significant injuries.

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