Knicks, several problems are coming for Thibodeau

When the Knicks recover, Thibodeau will have just 96 minutes to split between Randle, Mitchell Robinson, Isaiah Hartenstein, Achiuwa, and Bogdanovic.

“It might be a good problem to have all that depth, but it will also be a challenge for Thibodeau,” Legler said. “And I’m really curious to see what they do with Precious Achiuwa because I have a feeling if they cut his minutes, he won’t last long.”

Legler, who will call the Knicks-Boston Celtics game on ESPN Radio on Saturday, knows how much Knicks fans appreciate players like Achiuwa.

“I can’t wait to see this guy up close and see their team up close and see the energy in that building and he provides a lot of it,” Legler said. “So I thought people weren’t paying attention to this guy’s numbers and what he did for the Knicks. He’s pretty amazing, man!