Knicks, Scott Perry toward confirming

Many thought that with the arrival of Leon Rose, the Knicks front office would undergo major changes. Rose is evaluating the Knicks staff and Scott Perry’s position doesn’t seem to falter. At least for now.

According to Marc Berman of the New York Post, Perry’s future with the Knicks is still under evaluation, but he will remain general manager during the NBA 2020 Draft.

With Brock Aller soon jumping from the Knights to become the vice president of the Knicks’ strategy, general manager Scott Perry will continue to prepare for the NBA draft and is expected to execute it – whenever the event takes place.

Once the NBA project is complete, however, Berman reports that Perry’s role as general manager will be reevaluated.

Although Rose is considering keeping Perry, an NBA source told The Post: “The impression is that Leon will do his due diligence“.