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Knicks Rumors, Russell Westbrook on the NY and Clippers radar

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Kevin O’Connor talked about Russell Westbrook in his latest podcast appearance for The Ringer, citing sources who told him the Knicks and Clippers could likely trade for point guard if they want to.

The Rockets, Knicks and Clippers each occupy awkward positions this off-season. Houston just threw out CEO Daryl Morey and has a roster built around James Harden sliding in the wrong direction. New York is in a perennial state of dysfunction: we would need an entire column to analyze the problems of the Knicks. Los Angeles lost a 3-1 playoff lead over the Nuggets in September and must regroup quickly.

Westbrook is in the midst of a fascinating career journey from chaotic big to chaotic good to chaotic bad. Where it is in that spectrum right now is up for debate and will ultimately determine its commercial value.

It would be strange for the Knicks, who have few consistent shooters, to chase him. And the Clippers have perhaps their biggest NBA foe on their roster in Patrick Beverley.

But if Houston were going to send Westbrook elsewhere, there would almost certainly be suitors somewhere, even if it wasn’t New York or LA.