Knicks Rumors: Possible trade with GSW which includes Dennis Smith Jr. and Taj Gibson

According with Bleacher Report, Golden State Warriors still has a $ 17.2 million commercial exception from Andre Iguodala’s deal with the Memphis Grizzlies which expires on October 24. This means that he can add up to that much in player contracts without having to pay back any salary.

The Warriors rotation has gotten pretty thin over the past couple of years and getting some roleplayers from the Knicks without having to send anyone back would help the team’s depth.

Smith was terrible in New York but he’s still only 22 and has shown star potential with the Dallas Mavericks. Gibson could be a good backup center for a slim team in position or start occasionally as needed.

The Knicks would earn over $ 15 million in cap this offseason and pick up a pick in the second round.