Knicks Rumors: it’s open the hunt for the lead guard

After the New York Post reported in February, the Knicks‘ scouting staff was instructed to find a scoring guard as a top priority, SNY’s Ian Begley says there are people within the Knicks organization who would like to see the team add a guard advantage ”in the next draft of the NBA.

“I know there are people in the organization who see the watchtower as an obvious weakness,” Begley said in response to a question about the mailbag about the possibility of swapping Mitchell Robinson to get on the plan to select another great man. “They are looking for a guide guard who can take down a shot because they see it as something that can truly unlock things for a player like Mitchell Robinson in pick-and-roll, and that can be very complementary for a player like RJ Barrett in guard point. “

The Knicks currently have a trio of point guard options on their list – two scheduled to return to the team with the backend of their beginner contracts, and one with an unsecured deal – but none that seem to be a long-term response.