Knicks Rumors: goodbye Oladipo, he goes to Miami

With the Indiana Pacers having significant wage obligations to Myles Turner, Domantas Sabonis and Malcom Brogdon, it is possible that Victor Oladipo could be looking for a new home next season.

He becomes an interesting commercial target when a player breaks away from a serious injury that owed him $ 21 million before becoming a free agent next summer. Oladipo has given up returning to play in Orlando as he continues to rehabilitate at full strength from his four-hole wound.

The Knicks were linked as a potential commercial destination for Oladipo by SNY’s Ian Begley.

However, in a recent article on the Indianapolis Star, an old Knicks rival is presented as a more attractive landing site.

“Despite widespread speculation that he may end up with the Knicks (he fired Leon Rose from CAA, then his agent who is now president of the franchise), the strongest preliminary indication is Miami [as the next Oladipo team.”

The Star reports that the 28-year-old guard “wants two things: as much money as possible and a chance to win big in the playoffs.”

While the Knicks may have plenty of room for the cap to launch a big contract in Oladipo in 2021, it is obviously questionable whether Leon Rose can turn the team into a legitimate playoff contender in a short window.

Of course, there are also legitimate risks involved in making a long-term deal with a star who is recovering from an injury.